January 28, 2011

Why do you treat your mom that way?

My sister's best friend's parents are going to Texas this spring break and they said Taylor (the best friend) could stay home if Cierra (my sister) stayed with her. Taylor is 16, Cierra is 15, there will no adults there the enitre week. So obvisouly, my mom said no. Then Cierra got pissed off.

Then Cierra decided she's not going with us to Arizona this summer, and that she's staying home. And my mom said that's fine because she'll staying somewhere that adults are present.

Then Cierra started yelling at her about how my mom "doesn't trust her" and some shit.

I think it's good my mom isn't letting her stay there. What if something happened that they would need an adult? They're only 15/16 years old...they're not old enough to stay home for an entire week without even someone coming over a couple times to make sure everything's okay, or at least having someone to call in case of an emergency.

I could understand her parents saying she could stay with us for the week, but just leaving her at home? I think that's a bit irresponsible. But Taylor is a spoiled child and she probably threw a fit till she got it her way, and Cierra is starting to act that way too.

I really wish my dad was still around, because Cierra would NOT be acting like this if he were.