January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions?

I'm not really one to make "resolutions" because I know I won't keep them.

But I'll list some things I'm going to to try to do this year.

1. Exercise on a regular basis.
I pretty much never exercise, which is really bad. I'm not over weight in any sense, so it's not to lose weight. If anything, I'd like to gain 10 pounds. I was diagnosed with this weird disease I guess...I don't think it's actuall a disease, but it's like some weird thing wrong with my ovaries. So basically, I need to exercise more and eat better because if I ever did become over weight I would get diabetes. So, my goal is to start exercising like maybe an hour every Sunday. Then maybe later on I can add more days to that once I get used to being on a schedule.

2. Be a part of the art festival that comes to town.
I have no idea how to be part of it, but I think it'd be really neat to be in it and just have my stuff seen. (Plus they give out ribbons for awesome things).

3. Start an Etsy shop or something of that nature.
I want to learn how to make jewelry and alter clothing, I also am an artist, and if I can get enough supplies, I want to make baskets and sell them.

4. Do good in school.
I think I will. I have a 3.4 gpa right now, which is amazingly good for college level work.

That's all....these aren't set in stone "I'm definitely doing this" just more like "I'm going to try to do this" so hopefully it'll work out for me.


Stefy said...

Awww I need to start exercising too.. I used to when I lived by myself, now that I am back home it sucks! I gained so much weight ._.

Etsy is fun! love it but I might close my shop...
and congratz on your GPA hun ^_^

Autumn Sky said...

Thanks ^^