February 15, 2011

Equality, bitches.

I make videos on youtube, as some of you know.
I recently got some comments from a guy basically stating that I was pretty, but what I had to say wasn't important (even though it wasn't important things I was saying, this comment still came across as rude).
And it got me thinking.
A lot of boys (I'm going to use the term boys, to imply mentally little kids, because respectable men do not do this) only see women as sexual objects. Things to be admired for their beauty. As if women have nothing of importance to say.
So I vented my frustration on my tumblr, basically stating that if boys can look on women as objects, women can look on boys as objects.
Then a boy commented on that basically taking the side of the youtube commenter.
Why is it that it's okay for women to be thought of as vaginas but it's not okay for men to be thought of as penises? Why this double standard?