January 8, 2011

Crazy Grandparents Theory

My grandparents (on my mom's side) are extremely bizarre.
They do very strange things.
And even though I sometimes think they may have mental issues, I think there's a method to this madness.
I think they have a plan.

They have five kids.
Each of their five five has two or three kids of their own.
My grandparents move around living with their kids for a few months at a time.
Each kid they live with they help in some financial sense of the word.
I think their plan is to get each of their children living in a house (that the child owns) that the child wants to live in.
Both of my aunts in Florida own their homes and my aunt in West Virginia owns her home.
Now the only two left are my mom and my uncle.
Right now (as of this morning) my grandparents are staying with my uncle.
When they come back (which I'm sure they will) I think they're going to help my mom buy a house with a basement (because that's what she wants).
Then I think their plan is to finally live with my aunt in West Virginia...because she's the oldest.
No kids are living at her house.

My grandparents don't like kids.
They definitely won't live with us for the rest of their lives because not only do I have to move out eventually but my sister does too and she's 4 years younger than me. Face the facts, my grandparents will be dead long before my sister and I are both out of the house.
They won't live with my aunts in Florida because even though their kids are out of the house (or close to it) the kids will always be around.
They won't live with my uncle because his daughter will always be around.
So, the only other option is to live in West Virginia...the only place where the kids won't be around.

I think I'm the only one aware of this plan.
My grandparents don't tell anyone ever.
So the only reason I know about this plan is because I'm super observant.

I'm interested in watching to see if I'm right.