January 18, 2011


(I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this simply because it’s about haters, I’m prepared for that.)
You’re the one sending me hate mail and I’m the bitch? I’m the ugly one? I’m the insecure one? I’m the one that can’t get a boyfriend?
Being mean to me doesn’t make you nice.
I really don’t understand why so many people are so mean to people that try to be nice to everyone.
If I go out of my way to be mean to you, by all means, be a bitch to me, I deserve it.
But if I’ve only ever said nice things to you, why be mean to me?
If you don’t know me, why be mean to me?
If all I have to say to someone is negative, I don’t say anything at all. So why do you feel the need to voice your negative opinions to me? If you hate me so much, why are you talking me? Why are you watching my videos? Why are you stalking me on the internet? Unfriend me, unfollow me, unsubscribe from me, don’t talk to me in person. No one is making you talk to me, watch my videos, read my tumblr, or be around me. So if you really hate me that much, go away. Or simply tell me (not anonymously, because then I don’t fucking know who you are, bitch) and I will leave you alone. But the rest is up to you. If I’m leaving you alone and you’re still following me around on the internet getting annoyed by me, that’s your problem, not mine.